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Thanks for pointing that out Steve,

Very interesting. People who have abilities like this in their childhood's have traditionally been taught not to "go there" and so eventually lose their abilities over time. It's such a shame.

This kind of story is no surprise to me, as I have known about and understood multi-dimentional abilities for a long time. (Meaning the ability to use your mind at levels other than that which can be sensed with the five third-dimensional senses.) I have lots of books written by such people in my library. The medical ones are my favorite since I am first and foremost a student of healing. Carolyn Myss and Christine Page are two of my favorites. They are both practicing M.D.s as well, which makes their contribution extremely valuable to those of us in holistic medicine who can see the obvious mistakes committed by orthodox medicine and seek ways of understanding what of it is valuable. And also how it fits into the knowledge of the workings of the spirit/emotion/mind of a human being. Which is what holistic practitioners understand a great deal about...good ones anyway. I would recommend Carolyn Myss's book called Anatomy of the Spirit to any scientific types who can't "go there" but want to hear it from a person who is also a scientist.

I am kind of surprised to see the story written so matter of factly to tell you the truth. People in orthodox scientific fields are usually quite threatened by that which is unexplained or dare I say...a mystery, and so seek to debunk and ridicule.

Perhaps things are changing?
...must be 2012 having its affect on


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