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Hi Steve,

"Eastward" = Qedmah in Hebrew according to Strong's. Relates to "time" or "antiquity."
"East" = Qidmah. The cardinal direction "east," or "eastward."
Both are derived from a primary root, qadam, to "project," i.e., "precede," hence to "anticipate," "hasten," or "meet."

On the surface, it would appear that these are used somewhat interchangeably in the Pentateuch, so I can't give you a definitive, inductively satisfying reason to choose one meaning over the other. Context is important, as is, most importantly, the spirit of a conceptualization. I'm not inclined to argue about semantics. A word, or it's reflective symbolism either resonates with an individual; or it does not.

>>Sorry It sounds like I'm implying enmity, I don't. but there are opposites<<

Nothing to be sorry about, Steve. In certain respects, an evenly balanced enmity, conflict, or oppositionality makes for a rock-solid foundation -- on the material plane. Likewise, for building a supportive arch. Indeed, likewise for any architectural endeavor. According to the chronology of the tradition to which I was referring, however, the unity -- the spiritual oneness -- of God, Adam, and Eve was yet intact, and without need of any such artifice.

>>Why would you exclude this reference [to magic] from the rest<<

Because those more materially minded (or imagistically minded) tend to focus more on the power (or instrument), rather than the glory (or purpose or meaning). "For thine is the kingdom: The power AND the glory." Anything that unnecessarily distracts from that unity is anathema, in my view, hence my allusion. We do what we must -- irrespective of our own spiritual maturity -- we ARE our brother's keeper. Indeed, a thorough integration of that saying into the very fibre of one's being is the sign of the highest adept.

"For these things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled, A bone of him shall not be broken" (Jn 19:36)

>>I'm not really upon Tantric yoga, I understand it has to do with a concept of balancing energies between a man and a woman, it certainly isn't the only school of yoga. Others are strictly 'zips up'.<<

On the material plane below, certainly, it is about balance, and the androgyne serves, it seems to me, as an external manifestation of this. Likewise, between the outwardly apparent man and woman, marriage also serves this purpose. However, as with all things in the material dimension, these are imperfect signs -- imperfect symbols -- of the inexpressible. In the spiritual realm above (or for some, within) it's about UNITY -- an undivided and CHASTE unity of instrument and purpose -- the male and the female aspect of our natures -- the flesh and bone together -- with God in the midst.

This, if you can receive it, is the Kingdom of God.


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