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This is very interesting Steve.

I am reading a book archetypes at the moment. It's called "Sacred Contracts" by Carolyn Myss. I have only just started it but so far it's fascinating. She is a medical intuitive, one of the best in the world. Meaning, she can "see" what is wrong with a patient intutively. She is a PhD now and has written many books unlocking the truths about how we get ill and how we heal. I saw her speak at a big medical conference called "The psychology of health, immunity and disease."

She uses archetypes in mapping people out and to help them organise their personal strengths and weaknesses. She has created a whole system using archetypes for people to use in their own lives to keep them balanced and to determine their "sacred contracts" basically meaning, why we are hear on earth and what is our individual purpose in the Whole. We get ill when we work against our intended purpose. Anyway, I'll let you know what I learn.


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