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"Can I assume this is somewhat related to my point about Cosmic Mind (or whatever) displaying a form of care? Because it is using these opposites and synthesis, giving spiritual lessons -- spiritual balance, spiritual growth -- regardless of spiritual beliefs.

Actually 'care' as you put it here may be what Jung desscibed as the 'compensatory' function of dreams. The processes expressed in dream state are amongst many other things a way for the psyche to regain it's equilibrium and take account of itself after a day's experiences. The symbolism often revolves around the mandala either blatently or in the form of a 'censored' image in the facade of something else. Are you familiar with the concept of the censor? Again the key word here for certain is balance as you say.

"Furthermore, the religious function within human pyches seems to care for the inner space of the human (irrespective to the person's religious beliefs)!"

I agree, the symbolism and the context of the expression in the unconscious is universal (archetypical) autonomous, and the rest of it is local feathers. What is interesting as well is that I would dream of discussing say alchemy with arabs in egypt (which happened) and it has nothing to do with my geographical orientation.

"Is this not a display of personality in the universe? And where is this display of personality coming from if it is from without instead of from within (as Jung theorized)?"

Well that is a loaded question Dominick! The answer to that has to first take into account your entire view of opposites (Gnostic? Christian? Moslem? Athiest? ect...) and then provide the answer from there. There is definitely a duality and if the language of these symbols from the unconscious are correct then the universal goal of consciousness and dare I say 'enlightenment' rests in the fusion or balance of opposites. (We're going to have to get a thread going here on the mandala archetype.)

"Well, some answers may lie in the many ways of describing "local, universal products of the psyche." In a nutshell, universal symbolism may also come from Cosmic Mind as we have tentatively defined it here. IE we are beginning to define the concept of revelation quite different from the religious institutional definitions of revelation......what do you all think?"

When you say 'revelation' are you saying that we are not dependent exterior or 'organized' sources for a greater view of the big picture? Well I guess that's somewhat gnostic and I have to agree with it in that regard but only speaking for myself - nobody else.


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