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Hi Steve,

>>the serpent symbol is a very complex subject when it comes to myth and religon. Like I said we have had some really interesting discussions about it at the mysteries forum. You'll find a lot of interesting ideas if you do a search.<<

I did a search, as you suggested -- most of the hits were of recent origin in the mysteries forum, which I have, in fact, been following with interest. As to the symbol's "complexity," you may have to enlighten me. My take is that the association is phallic, with all its concomitant implication. Lol - far be it from me to attempt to de-mystify this noble and enigmatic object, which has been an endless source of fascination (and humor) for male and female alike since time immemorial.

I would be interested in your take, however -- particularly as to how it relates to Jung and archetype.

Warm regards,


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