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Hi Jaimi,

when you write:

I think that one of the most powerful concepts that came from Jung was the work he did showing the universal concept of 'the separation and synthesis of opposites'. He wrote an extensive study of the alchemical symbolism of opposites in 'Mysterium Coniunctionis'. It is an amazing study of the symbolism of opposites in philisopical alchemy and religon

Can I assume this is somewhat related to my point about Cosmic Mind (or whatever) displaying a form of care? Because it is using these opposites and synthesis, giving spiritual lessons -- spiritual balance, spiritual growth -- regardless of spiritual beliefs.

My point was:

Furthermore, the religious function within human pyches seems to care for the inner space of the human (irrespective to the person's religious beliefs)! Is this not a display of personality in the universe? And where is this display of personality coming from if it is from without instead of from within (as Jung theorized)?

To stay on topic we should again address your question because it's a good one.

Jaimi asks:

If we bring Jung into the picture then we have an obvious problem: if these complex and often peculiar symbols that exist universally in the cultural projections of art and literature are products of the unconscious mind then their existance is no longer dependent on cultural transmission historically and can be explained as local, universal products of the psyche.

What does this do to the practice of tracing cultural lines though religous or 'esoteric' symbols?

Well, some answers may lie in the many ways of describing "local, universal products of the psyche." In a nutshell, universal symbolism may also come from Cosmic Mind as we have tentatively defined it here. IE we are beginning to define the concept of revelation quite different from the religious institutional definitions of revelation......what do you all think?


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