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Steve wrote in conclusion:

If we bring Jung into the picture then we have an obvious problem: if these complex and often peculiar symbols that exist universally in the cultural projections of art and literature are products of the unconscious mind then their existance is no longer dependent on cultural transmission historically and can be explained as local, universal products of the psyche.

What does this do to the practice of tracing cultural lines though religous or 'esoteric' symbols?

Hi Steve and John,

There is no "problem" at all :)
There is a reason Jung attributed an inherent, religious "function" in the psyche. Modern science explains that the "collective unconscious" is more properly conceived as universe circuits or universe fields -- Cosmic Mind.

Basically, Jung's highest concepts touched upon Cosmic Mind and our universal (every human being's) relationship with it. One of his most profound conclusions is the inherent religious nature of human beings -- whether the person was formally religious or not.

If our pysche is in contact with universe circuits and fields this is a quantum leap from the more primitive concepts of emerging symbols bubbling up from within our biologic minds.

Furthermore, the religious function within human pyches seems to care for the inner space of the human (irrespective to the person's religious beliefs)! Is this not a display of personality in the universe? And where is this display of personality coming from if it is from without instead of from within (as Jung theorized)?



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