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I'm Candian and I have had some very specific dreams about pyramids, alchemy etc as well. Now you can attribute this to my knowing about this though exposure to these images though modern media but it still leaves us with the question - why?

One thing Jung and Freud agreed on is that dreams were 'causal' in the sense that if they did not have a basis in the fundamental principles of action and reaction there would be a breakdown in the universal law of cause and effect.

Jung gave an example of a young girl in his care that dreamed of a very obscure, highly specific alchemical symbol that only could have been seen by a handful of selected scholars in an obscure alchemical manuscript.

Having researched the geneology of the girls family he ruled out any possibility of symbol being a product of transmission by genetic heritage which left him with positive proof that the symbol of purely psychic origin. (Man and His Symbols).


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