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Hi there, and welcome to some pondering on flowing with a stream of consciousness as the surroundings offer up something that catches the attention. Yes, this is possibly going to be a waste of your time and leave you unsatisfied; or you have a hint of hope for something to spark you into positively reacting in some way...reacting with some kind of skill you have that needs to be expressed...needs to make you feel as though you control your surroundings and not the other way around…no matter how you express it. After all, it’s all about matter the need to own a part of your surroundings so you know you matter...whether you do something or not. That right there is how much you matter: if you don’t do that something, will that ever be done?

A slack-liner (tightrope walker on a slack rope with no balance-bar) sets the line and relies on their own balance and motion to reach the end of the line; and there is a difference between being 9 inches off the ground and being 900 feet above where the nature of the adventure means one doesn’t start 900 feet up but works towards that in all manner of ways...the last, great adventure is to successfully complete such a feat, not fail at it. Failure happens up until the previous, greatest feat when the final amount of knowledge was gained, especially when just a hint of breeze means all manner of extra effort may be needed against whatever may come along, such is what experiences have taught.

The dreamscape offers up realms of adventure which give our experiences and personality a place to safely re-enact themselves. The worst thing that can happen is we wake up in fright, mostly because our adventure found a scene that made us feel uncomfortable in some way; the greatest thing that can happen is we wake up in delight because we achieved something. Our slack-liner can feel the very same thing whether they dreamt about their success or actually did it. It isn’t until one is awake that they truly feel because the dream means, if you are the only one who experienced it, did it really happen?

It seems that existence is full of both ‘happenings’ and ‘non-happenings’ because there is only ever what we do know and what we don’t know. We can only be aware of what we extend ourselves into, can’t we...and imagination takes up the rest, whether that creates possibilities or impossibilities according to all kinds of laws and factors. Our slack-liner can feel a breeze cross their body and know that any projectile hitting them will be light as a feather and not heavy as a bus, so instinct carries them on, doesn’t it...still calm surroundings, isn’t it...because a bus would mean waking in fright from a dream that suddenly went impossibly wrong.

It also seems that existence is full of both ‘happenings’ and ‘non-happenings’ equally where their combination gives over what did happen and what did not. Existence is always an occasion then, creating a materialised expression that fills time and space, while dreams are an ethereal expression of experiences and personality that only feeds off ego, and only takes up space within one’s brain and mind. Laws can be broken in the dreamscape; if they’re broken in reality, uncomfortable experiences may ensue...dreams allow for unreal eventualities that may otherwise fatally flaw the dreamer. Reality means we cannot awaken when things go awry...we have to persevere through the experience until we get to breathe again when a moment is somewhat over...we see the end just emotional response begins to build...something wholly welcomed or difficult to suppress...will it satisfy the effort expended to reach the end? Or will there be a surprise?

Hmm...satisfaction...coming from a sense of purpose being utilised, expressed, valued and worth having. It’s all about you after all, you are the one born into your existence while others are born into their existence, and there is only, ever you and everything else. Everything you invest your effort into allows for an aspect of your purpose to express itself and define what value you have to yourself and to anything else...we need purpose-satisfied because we do sleep and we do dream, and waking in fright can be quite uncomfortable, especially when we are the only ones who experience something.

700-odd words above, just to get you in sight of the end where your effort to eat the words will leave a certain taste in your mouth that just has to be either spat out or curiously swallowed and see what it does to your tummy...

If we are alive to experience as much as we do before we die, and we always interact with something in our surroundings, what memory do we leave upon each which becomes part and parcel of what each is because even memory has substance?

Are our responses to moments of worthy or wasted purposes worth the satisfaction that has been built upon experiences that are yet to reach the 900 foot mark?

What parts of our dreamscape can we actually make real instead of just taking up space in our head?

The stream is now ending and your effort is defining what kind of satisfaction is worth expressing. Yeah, it may not have meant much at all and just been a waste of a couple of minutes of your time...but what else could you have done which wasn’t a waste of your time? What will you do now?...

Don’t forget, this ain’t a dream.

Well, that certainly inspired me to do something constructive for a while, right after a task, a chore, and a spot of matter which order I choose...just as long as I end up constructing something only to make my mind happy...and have better dreams.

if necessity is the mother of invention, why is there a monster under my bed?

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