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Historically speaking, mankind’s view on gods arose from a two-fold nature: fear and appreciation of what may be considered the unknown...well, ‘things’ that happen that mankind could not readily explain, or explain as occurring due to all manner of reasons that seemed to have some kind of supernatural force behind them.

It is easy to understand how fear or appreciation of some supernatural force arises when we become either harmed or blessed: walking along a mountain path when a rock-slide occurs and takes away our companion may seem that we have been blessed while our companion was cursed, and we thank our lucky stars that we live on, while also damning those stars that our companion is dead.

In such an example, how do we reconcile with circumstances of such nature?

A Buddhist is walking along a mountain path when he hears a sudden rumble and turns to just catch sight of a boulder bearing down on him, and in his last thought thinks, “Not again.”

Anyone of any religion when in the same situation that has a god/s as their overlord, thinks, “What did I do to deserve this?”...unless they curse themselves for having done the wrong thing once upon a time and are now receiving their just deserts.

Someone of no supernatural beliefs whatsoever saw that there were indications of rock slides having occurred and took another path because they just didn’t want to risk it.

Mankind is a species of so many individuals and so many histories associated with us that the odds of ‘things’ happening that are either plain circumstance or plain planning – or lack there of – that we do personally ponder at ‘Why me?’ against ‘Why another?’ when either fear or appreciation blankets such ponderings. But certainly it is our own mind that estimates things and it is from our own experiences, knowledge and theories that we weigh up the facts against the fancies in order to reconcile not just who we are but whether there is some underlying purpose to our individual existence in the grand scheme of things. We only have awareness of that which we avail ourselves of, and so our mind becomes constructed according to what we not only believe but know. This is our greatest fault in life.

There are so many individuals with all their experiences that we do become blind to what it means to be a species, and focus on what it means to be ‘this’ kind of person as opposed to ‘that’ kind of person. This brings out either envy or hatred for who is different because they do things differently and reap their just rewards which are the opposite of our rewards...and we can justify anything, can’t we. If we do not have an answer to something, whoever has the best sales-pitch on an answer is what we go with because it ‘sounds’ right...and if we fail somewhere along the line, then at least we have someone else to blame.

But we really can only blame ourselves for being lead astray when we might have known better.

Well, the one who survived a rock slide ends up dreaming of their dead companion and decides that, to ease their own mind, they pay homage to the dead in ways that affect their dreams because nightmares are terrifying in their ways. It is better to honour the dead and dream, isn’t it? Or is it better to curse the dead and leave them to their own hell inside our dreams?

All depends on who that person was and what they meant to us...which in turn leads us to determine who we are and what we mean to others. If we can dream of things that are similar to actual existence but reside out of reach, then we may as well dream of something residing there too, just like the thing that is somewhat supernatural residing here...overshadowing our very mortal existence and whether we are blessed or cursed.

I once wrote a topic called, ‘The dilemma of crossing the bridge’ concerning going to the other side without harming ants – of all things. All the information about doing so without killing even one ant was in the post, some ten percent of the post had the pertinent information and all it took was for someone to actually read the words and ponder them. And only one person who responded to that was on the right path. But all who did respond were on their own right path, according to what they come across and what things mean to them and how they will respond...not might respond but will.

And it seems most folk are satisfied to blame something else when it comes right down to it, which is quite fine by me these days because, for the most part, all I wanted to do in here was try to get rid of some of my own harshness at the folly of life when it is treated as folly. Hmm...I still smoke cigarettes, toke on a joint now and then, and enjoy a beer with friends, so my health-choices may just be my own undoing when it comes to longevity...but I sure am happy, even when I have to grouse on someone, which does make me a little sad but not for long...I treat that kind of stuff as a game that someone is also playing because they are stubborn at needing to be harsh.

After all this – and thanks for reading – if you had a choice, would you still like to blame something else for your lot? Or would you consider paying attention to the signs that suggest you take another path and save yourself, and possibly another?

Sometimes looking up doesn't mean we're not looking down

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