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There is an inherent problem in judging all three of them. We have no writings of Socrates, only second/third hand stories by Plato (and a few others such as Xenophon). We can only assess his thought through the accounts of others. Not very reliable.

For Plato we have plenty of published work. But hardly a trace of his private/personal papers. Certainly no notes about the sources and writing of the dialogues. Just a few reputed letters (these are usually included in a volume of the collected dialogues) that we can't really prove are genuine.

For Aristotle, ironically, all we have is the private notes. Though he published a fair number of dialogues similar to Plato's, and these are highly praised in the surviving literature from that time, we do not have the actual dialogues. They are all lost. Everything called "The Works of Aristotle" is a bunch of notes for giving lectures, or possibly notes from his lectures written down by someone else. We don't really know for certain what in "The Works of Aristotle" is by Aristotle himself rather than just someone in his school.

This makes our knowledge of all three of them very incomplete. If only someone could discover "The Dialogues of Aristotle" in some archeological site!

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