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Ray, I guess that you would only accept the full synopsis of what I am aware of, besides my intimation that all of these "sciences" were incorporated into ancient times.

I am sure ray can manage very well without it.

First, the Great Pyramid. It is no mystery that the mason guilds have endured since those very long ago times. The great pyramid is the prime example of high intelligence and superior ingenuity. In fact, as I have an open mind, the "gods" of old had a major influence upon the people in order to educate those few that were geniuses in the "Craft".
As their gods were all imagined anyway, it is clear that it was the fully evolved brains of those ancient peoples that did all the thinking.

Then, in two books, one which I have not yet studied, I learned that the Book of Enoch has information about an astronomical do-it-yourself observatory in the book that I DID read; Uriel's Machine, which was quite fascinating.
If you happen to have come upon any one objective fact in those books, please present it.

The book I haven't read is Forbidden Archaeology; rather a thick,long book. In it I suspect that current archaeology is subdued by information about all of those digs that have been going on for at least 200 years.
It's a waste of money and time. If you read it and fail to notice the just about total lack of objective evidence for[/b[] any of the stuff they are putting forward, then again please quote it. I, in fact, bought the book. However, being of a sceptical, non-gullible turn of mind, I set about checking facts behind the stories and I suggest you do the same rather than gullibly swallow the lot. I would go further - I would say the book is something of an insult to true archaeology, science, etc.

These two, the Masonry and the Astronomy/Astrology combined practices, along with those digs, are very impressive to me. I feel that I learned a lot about all three sciences, whether they are APPROVED, or not.

Then there is a book called, "Civilization One", where there is a common ancestor to EVERY unit of measure, past and present. I recommend this one!!!!

Animal husbandry and agriculture is also favored by me. Without either, no one could eat their food for sustenance. It reminds me of Joseph informing the Pharoah of the fateful dream that saved the Egyptians from starvation.
So how do you propose the human species survived before agriculture and husbandry?

Mechanical ingenuity (the wheel and every other metalwork and woodwork process) was the mainstay of EVERY civilization, even before written records. And that brings me back to square one; the education of the young and information of the adults using, formerly, word-of-mouth teachings, then later the written word. All of THAT and more is scientific.
That is far too broad a definition of the word scientific for today's world.

Now, can we end this personal debunking and get back to today's news (subjective AND objective)?
Here I am entirely in support of Ray. His posts are pompous at times but this remark of yours is far more pompous, condescending and pretentious and goes along with your use of words and a style which inhibits comprehension, not enhances it.

REASON is nothing without IMAGINATION; CONCEPTUALIZATION is nothing without ANALYSIS. Yes, I said THAT. Even though I am a strict IDEALIST, I recognize the need for a SUBSTANTIAL acumen about any topic at hand. It is like the Great Course, "Mind-Body Philosophy" says, it all has to happen in the material to be of any value, yet, there is much needed room for ad lib conceptualization to harness the anima of intellect, that is, AWARENESS of POTENTIALITIES.
I will remind you that this is not a place for trying to lecture people. It is for discussion of topics.


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