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Well, that's about 250 words I think. saying what, exactly? All about you mainly, but why not try re-writing it, saying exactly what you mean in as straightforward and clear a way as possible. Focus on what is an actual response to Ray, leaving out the padding.


Ray, not everyone on this Forum is an expert on science. In my attempt to go to college I was studying art as my major. My art was not as precise as some others art. So I left college with the false notion that my art was insufficient. I did not know back then that my art was very "inner mind" qualitative expressions. Not by intention did I later come to know that my experiences paralleled my art expressions, especially those that seemed self prophetic. That caused me some close calls in my living. So, I do not sketch or otherwise because of that backlash effect.

Any ways, you most of all are aquainted with my wanderings of thought. As a scientist you have the power to influence people concerning the "practice" of science. That is good. However, that video that you linked was part of the problem of science due to the rigid conclusions of scientists in a hurry to capitalize their own judgement about an experiment (conclusion? Wrong!!!).

If scientists were to logically estimate the pros and cons of an experiment without bias to one mans conclusions, then the doors would be wide open to explore such things that elude and frustrate scientists. Without experiential investment in an experiment there would neither be Relativity nor the Quantum expressions of the Nature of Reality. Should not this new paradigm cause scientists to salivate like hungry dogs for the deepest roots and extensions of said Reality?

Imagination is crucial to experimentation no matter how strict the protocols of that search for a greater understanding of the world. It is my hope that resting on one's laurels would not bar the way to a more excellent discovery of "all that is". Todays environment of clearly "science fiction" has made the clarion call for scientists to not sleep while the fiction writers regale in their imaginations. Who can say "wrong" to an unapproacheable collection of ideas that promulgate the public arena? Something must give way to at least take serious the further development of the quantum/relativity conundrum!!!

That's about it for me.

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