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Frankly it depends on how open the audience is. I believe we change our opinions slowly, or let things build up in our minds till we reach a braking point.

Take reincarnation, the first few times I heard of it I was vary wary as it was a peripheral mention when I was a kid and was a very non-specific believer in a God and an afterlife then. Then when I saw a long documentary about dozens of strong cases in India mostly I found I had to change my thinking, as I could not deliver a glib answer.

Every so often I go a bit paranoid and feel the need to run over the subject, and other, related issues. I only today did a cross check on Cameron Lamb, the Glasgow boy who recalled living on the Isle of Barra. They never did pin down who he might have been, but I recalled that he though his previous dad died because he "didn't look both ways." The locals on the Isle of Barra affirmed in 2006 that it was almost impossible to die on Barra that way as there was just the one circular road around the island.

A news article from 2004 says the exact opposite.


Like on many rural roads the locals were far too careless. I can only imagine they were lying to protect the tourist trade, or maybe they didn't like the idea of reincarnation and wanted shot of the investigators.

On the subject of Psi, we can again find strong support even from major critics such as Richard Wiseman who admits that the evidence is robust enough for a normal subject, but this can't be right so they have to change scientific methods to get the result he can accept.

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