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Hi GG,

Chance, used correctly, is a mathematical tool--or, actually, a family of mathematical tools, that can be used by scientists to study all sorts of things. It's advantage is that we know it is a total fantasy that should not be able to explain anything.

We can sometimes compare it (chance) to something we believe to be true. If there is no difference between something we believe to be true, and something predicted by chance--we conclude that our belief is wrong. It's back to the drawing boards--until we can "reject" chance. We do that with statistical tests.

Our ability to discern and measure very small differences, not chance, is the foundation for our understanding of: the solstice, the apparent rotational movements of our planet and the moon around the sun, apparent movements of sun and stars--across the horizon--even the movements of galaxies and nebulae if we can make them out. As our discernment of apparent movement gets better and better (with telescopes in space), we have become aware of smaller bodies around a star--just like our solar system: maybe.

We can estimate and extrapolate how many--guess--but that's just "assume." Remember, "assume" makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me."

that's different from pure chance.


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