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Solstice again.

Makes me again marvel over the fact that earth (and the other planets) orbit the sun so regularly that astronomers can pinpoint the exact time for solstice.
And then the moon orbiting us as we go around the sun, also very predictably.
Dare I get into the sizes and distances of the sun, moon and earth? You know what I am on about. Eclipses of course.
Chance? Then the fact about the seasons and the very lucky angle of the earth's axle.
I love it! Chance? I can't quite see it as such. I know - am supposed to know - that there are so many solar systems out there that chance could happen. If that is the case, there could also be a great many earths like ours. With exactly the same proportions and water mass? Same Suns and moons? I am no expert on statistics.


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