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Here is a song by Buffy Sainte Marie called "Fallen Angels"; this deeply implies Insanity, which I avoid like the Black Plague, in which one's judgement is withheld from one's true Nature, the Goodness of Simplicity and Innocence:


Addiction, mentioned in the song several times adheres to the fact that ANYONE can become insane when logic and reason fail to instruct the beneficiary of such Wisdom. A person said at a 12 Step meeting that "you are smart if you learn from your own mistakes, but you are Wise if you learn from other people's mistakes".

I was watching the Kenneth Copeland interview about using a private jet to travel to sites where converts are. I think that the obsession in his eyes was apparent. It is exactly like addiction, which I've seen often before. It is always in the eyes where the Obsession resides: insanity.

This is why I stay neutral, neither for nor against. It is exactly like tending to a sick family member; one cannot help that person, only to be present by their side.
I have definately learned from other people what not to do or be (for my own mental and emotional safety). There is nothing wrong with protecting oneself from a contagious spiritual disease. This means that, otherwise, I too am susceptible to that contagion, as I most definately was involved with many things in my youth, including religion. I don't despair other's choices. They have a full plate of conditions to work with. I, personally, was not able to "work" the steps of the program. I am too wild by Nature. However, I have gratefully adhered to Simplicity and as much Humility as I am currently able.

Is this a discussion? Yes, and No. If anyone is offended, think of this:

do you repeat the same patterns no matter how many times you lose the wider perspective of Sanity? What is Sanity? The very OPPOSITE of obsession!!!! There is only ONE CLEAR CHOICE: end the obsession, even if it takes a lifetime to achieve.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Fallen Angels []

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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