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This unusual format can hardly be an accident. The word seven occurs in Revelation more than any other book in the Bible. In fact, it occurs more than all the other books in the New Covenant combined. It was not a literary device used by John because he was merely recording what he had seen and heard.

So what's with the number 7?

In my book Amphion's Secret I show how the Great Pyramid was planned based on a mountain in Greece that relates to the geometric shape of the heptagon. 7 points.


The upcoming Greek elections:


They will be held on the seventh day of the seventh month.

If I am not mistaken the last time these elections were held on July was 1875. This is 144 years ago. Curious number since it springs up in Revelation in Chapter 7 as 144.000 people.

So lets take the 7 number to the extreme.

I used Stellarium astronomy software and set the year to 2019. The month to 7. The day to 7. The hour to 7. The minutes to 7. The seconds to 7.

The question that naturally arises is what should we choses as the observation point. We could use the geographical coordinates of the Great Pyramid for example.

But Giza does not relate to the 7 number, it relates to the 6 number.

We thus chose the tallest peak of mount Parnassus which is the natural model based on which the Khufu pyramid was planned.

What do we notice?

We observe the Sun - Ra, the Orion belt stars - Sah, and Sirius - Sopdet.

I include here a screenshot I used on a Greek phorum:

We notice the direction of the Sun is that of the Khufu pyramid causeway.

The Orion belt stars as also Sirius target the sacred city of Thebes. It is here that the mountain is observed in the horizon(Khufu's horizon: the pyramid). In the screenshot the Amphion pyramid is depicted.

This alignment is one that relates to the date of the year. If we don't go too off when we chose the year it will work for other years also.

I just want to note that if we use the actual year of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary as year 1, then we are currently in the year 2023. This is a multiple of 7:

2023 = 7 x 289

On leap years July 7 is the 189th day of the year. This is also a multiple of 7:

189 = 7 x 27

The election will be held on Sunday. This is the day of the Sun, the azimuth of which is noted.

I will also present a isopsephy relation which relates this day with John:

EBDOMH IOYLIOY(July the Seventh) = (5+2+4+70+40+8)+(10+70+400+30+10+70+400) = 1119

IOANNHS(John) = 10+800+1+50+50+8+200 = 1119



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