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This post is strictly about two orchestrations by a group called, Mythic Sunship. It is a musical contemplation that I just today completed. It is psychedelic and I was deeply moved while experiencing the whole album on Amazon Music.

For all practical purposes this participation, as I have done, should convey the reasoning that I acquired. The study most definitely produced a "result" within me. And, by the way, again I refer back to the Standard of this board which is Personal Development, which happens daily. Discussion comes DIRECTLY FROM EXPERIENCE.

Now, the short of the Title is that there are several practices used to heighten one's consciousness: Tai Chi from the East; Yoga from Mid-Asia; and Walking/Working Meditation from the West. Each is useful to Experience an "awakening" NO MATTER WHAT THAT IS.

This orchestration is called "Way Ahead". It is, IMO, the Yang feature; very concentrated and full of adrenalin. It takes less time for the Male to explain himself. This is a 7 minute orchestration; close the eyes and FEEL the "rush":


This next orchesration is called "Out There". It is, IMO, the Yin feature; slower, mellower and longer. It takes females longer to express themselves. This is a 13 minute orchestration; feel the freedom to feel, even to a nice "high" toward the end which slowly, blissfully fades out at the end:


Mind and matter are eternally the same

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