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On a platform such as this, we all portray our ideal self,
like Facebook or twitter or whatever's hip now, we like to edit for outside eyes,
(love the edit option here, I can fix mistakes, if I spot em)
here's what I am, or what I'd like to be seen as, well, all to a point maybe,

I'm just riffin, but something I read a long time ago always stuck with me,

Everything we do is an attempt to gain control,
any sort of control, over the inevitable lack of control,
We must bang our own drum, because its ours, its all we know, if someone disagrees, we fight, because, its what we know, we may bend, but we don't like to think we'll break, at least not without fight, or concede on our own terms,
any attempt at control of something,

From young I always noticed people act differently one on one, than when there are spectators,
they still do, in person, but the internet has changed interaction, it shone a light on the id,
OK a forbidden planet reference, but that movie might turn out pretty prophetic,
We can be monstrous c**ts when we want to be, I might expand on this elsewhere,

To be honest tho, I havnt checked the link, just thought it was an interesting question,
that probably requires a better answer than a foggy improv, but we are a strange bunch at a strange time...

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