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To start, I will post this link, which has been the identifying attributes of all living things. It is very short and complete.

Why am I stating these attributes? Because every one of us presents CHARACTERISTICS of an individual nature. It is the energy field within the material body, or, the SPIRIT of the person or any other living thing.

The question is: what are our own characteristics as differentiated from another's characteristics? Why would I introduce this question? Because I have lived long enough to recognize another's spirit, or, characteristics.

I would love to talk about these differentiations of character, and how each of us uses them to influence and leverage our own will of personal applications. This is a psychological study about what motivates us to present ourselves here on this Forum and elsewhere beyond the Forum. I cannot help NOTICING the repetitious patterns of each of our own characteristics.

It is all fascinating to my own "spirit" of endeavor and interaction. I really like learning WHY each of us proclaims our very personal "wisdom". Such wisdom is particular and powerful to engage thoughts and experiences of our lives.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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