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Hi Gangram, Posterboy and others,

In the thread called “Jesus' Female Disciples” Gangram and Posterboy used the following two sentences:

“…Adam and Jesus are the only men who didn't have fathers and Adam didn't even have a mother.”


“…in Hebrew language 'Adam' and the word 'Man' are interchangeable, and so Adam can be the 1st Adam or Man.”

As the thread had become a little hard to oversee I started this thread with this post in which I just want to make some comments on / share information about the interpretation of the name Adam.
(N.B. The Hebrew signs are read from right to left)

-“Adam didn’t even had a mother.”

The Hebrew word “Adam” is made up of several signs that have their own meaning much comparable to Egyptian Hieroglyphs; the combination of those separate meanings into one word works more like a multiplication than as an addition: the separate meanings influence and change one another.
The signs of this word are: Aleph-Daleth-(final)Mem (אדם) , in which
Aleph means potentiality, the power to do,
Daleth means “giving”, the gift,
final Mem means maternity, everything that is fertile or gives form.

The word “Dam” (Daleth-finalMem)(דם) by itself means “blood” in which the signs combine their meaning into: the gift that comes from the mother-womb.

The word “Adam”, again combining the signs, means: “ the power to do, given by the blood of the mother-womb”.

Now it seems to me that this word “Adam” by its own signs in the original language points out that there must have been a mother! Which of course only seems natural.
“The First Man” may have another meaning than a chronological one!

-“…'Adam' and the word 'Man' are interchangeable”

The Hebrew word that is usually translated by “man”, or “human being” is build up with the signs:
Aleph-Yod-Shin (איש) and pronounced as “Ish” (in some cases this is in the western bible very badly translated as “angel”).
Aleph: again power, potentiality
Yod: direction, energy pointing towards...
Shin: relationship, manifestation of the three forces on an earthly level, connection “high”-“low”

The meaning here is:
“The power (Aleph) directed towards (Yod) the relationship (Shin)”.

What I want to point out here is that the words “Adam” and “Man” have a completely different meaning according to the signs that they are assembled of.
So they are not really “interchangeable”!

Much of the confusion in cases like this is caused by the superficial translation of signs that are build up in many different layers.
From my point of view this is also the reason that for some people the Bible is nothing less than “the Book of Confusion”! :)

If this information has any consequences for the thread those sentences were taken from you will have to decide for yourselves.


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