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Consciousness developed us, what we need to realize is that it is one consciousness we tap into as individuals. The proof I have to show is landbased and solid, yet is so consciously New it is classifiable into the spiritual and paranormal. Edgar Cayce said it though, the relatable proof between science and religion would come through in this time. It has. Science is in Prophecy and Prophecy is a Science. Consciousness is Spiritual. Ask anyone who’s taken a dose. We try to separate things to analyze them but in doing so are creating a new way of perspective. It’s very individualized and that permeates into us. Just look at people’s division in the modern world. It’s all relatable and structured off of each other. Everything. There is no separation except for the ones we are causing with our minds. We come from the Earth, which comes from the universe which comes from beyond. That beyond, that is what ‘God’ is. What creates us. The Great Beyond, The Creator, these things are understandable only when your mind is opened to be able to. Then, it comes through. See my name? Go google map Ireland and look, deep and with an open mind. I will help heal your mind right now through this screen. Go look at Ireland and look for me. There is the evidence, the proof. It is all around us not built with wood or stone, our origin in creation, what made us, has always been there. Like any conscious light, it’s all in the matter of being able to see what you seek then it can dawn on you. Find the Wolf with Wings and face the Light in the East that is Rising Again

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