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I take the Middle Way. Not religion, not atheism. Not wealth nor poverty. Not gain or loss.

In fact, the Middle Way is spectacular. It is non-avenging toward loss, it is non- objection to life's ordeals. It is not even meditation or even super-activity.

What IS the middle way?

I perceive that it the absence of polarities. What it IS confronts everything that we hold dear to us; the middle of everything and nothing and is an astute awareness that ALLOWS ANY POSSIBILITY AND IMPOSSIBILITY to reckon themselves into an AGREEABLE CONSENSUS of no contest and so much access to provisions that encourage our continual state of evolving toward the bliss of having nothing and having everything, not by bias or pride. Our innate legacy is unimaginable to our narrow-mindedness. We are evolving every day, every hour.

What then is the middle? It is simply our contentment of all that occurs to us and by us. We are CAPABLE of much, much more than the chains of polarity. The middle way is a choice of walking BETWEEN THE antagonism of so-called loss and the desires of our own ego's cravings. Simply, every moment is a choice of letting go and obtaining the BALANCE of contentment in a true view of CHANGE that drives the polarities. It is a base drive for equilibrium in all of our aspects of life.

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I have duly been deeply impressed with the "negotiations" of the Middle Way. How will I move forward? What will I leave behind?

Am I meeting the Middle in my consciousness? Am I living the Middle in my livelihood?

In fact, am I trully surrendering to a non-polarity? Am I truly in the Middle of so much antagonism in the perimeters of having and not-having.

This is quite the paradox from the Western mind. The Eastern mind has much to offer in the phrase of knowing and not-knowing. I am satisfied that the Stable Middle Way is a surety to guide and endear ourselves to the Path. I am convinced that the middle allows me to truly contemplate the extent of vast realms of Content and Awareness. What this means is that the knowledge is far-reaching, yet the Awareness is quite near and dear to our living conditions. Today and Forever coexist in the NOW. It is relevant to having insight and promise for many days of contentment. After all, the Middle forsakes the absolutes and endears itself to Presence in this moment.

I can only practice the simple path of the maze and the labyrinth of ever-changing landscapes that are our lot in Life. We can only Pass on through the middle of all that we experience. That is the Magnificent Path of evolutionary consciousness and beingness.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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