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Actually, Susan, I care very much how my thoughts are received. It is how I appropriate changes in my psychology. I had a teacher in 10th grade who introduced psychology to me. I wasn't at that time clever enough to apply the teachings, though my poetry and visual art acclimated to a higher degree of inspiration. I was, what you might call, a dunce. I had much to learn indeed!!!! It took into my 40's before I could research ideas and make initial judgements of the teachings. I first studied Scientology because my best friend and I looked into it. I wanted to know more. However, after visiting one of their outlets I became disillusioned and never turned back.

Yes, I talk of my life because there is so much to tell. I think it was Poster Boy who said that I had a rich life. Who knows how seeing Mount Everest at 30 miles away may affect someone elses choices to maybe go to see that mountain? That is a good thing for somebody.

So, yes Susan, I care for my past as a treasure to share. That is everything.

Discussion is an elaboration of one's extraordinary resources just like your own contributions on GHMB. Much is to be learned here. And thankyou for being very consistent in your message that God and the supernatural are visages of some who cannot face reality on it's own terms: that what is right in front of us is the truest Reality.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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