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Why all of the "stories" of this civilized state of existence?

Fiction, unreality formed into a type of reality due to the advantages of the "written word", from anyone's mind-trip. And movies, the most elaborate spectacles of imagination that influences and sometimes enforces the status quo. It also seems to me that variety is not the first priority of movies on the whole. Just how do moviemakers expect to influence folks to subscribe to the movie's themes? Where there IS a variety available, like Event Horizon, The Matrix, Interstellar and Cloud Atlas, to name a few, leaves one wondering how these movies can actually change our perspectives of the World and Life? It is a tolerable exercise in subtle imagination, though any dream from last night has more vision than any movie, especially for the individual's life and living.

Now, also, the Internet has acquired a gigantic sway on peoples' minds. It all SEEMS to be a legitimate record of much human knowledge. But I suspect that promotions (commercials) are the real reason for such accolades of human thought and influence. The media hasn't changed since radio and TV have existed for the many decades previous to today. The Internet has some really heady stuff to see and hear; that is to be expected by the commercial media.

What I propose is a discussion of INFLUENTIAL parades of Internet and Associative media via the whole of Internet public displays and private activities.

Why would the Internet be any different than any other commercial enterprise? I have spent a half-hour listening to a promotion of a product, where I just tuned it out altogether with no interest anymore.

Have we been so duped to not notice the invasion of unwanted commercials? I can barely maneuver around the Internet without interruptiom and solicitous ads.

What is this post about? The invasion of advertisers and innovators upon our usage of any media; book, TV, movies and the Internet. Why is this parade of products and promotions of fantasy so infiltrating to our enjoyment of research and study? Not even a library demands so much of our attention!!!

The Eastern philosophy teaches us about "letting go" of all NOTIONS. This means that every infliction must GO; all of it!!!

What do you think?

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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