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Ok, Ron!!

While I was watching The Great Course, Mind Body Philosophy, I came upon a corollary between your famous quote and the concepts being taught on the course. It happens sometimes that a spark of intelligible synonymity occurs in my mind. No, I don't suspect you will agree, but humour me. I am allowed to at least open THIS door of comprehension.

1. Not that "one" is,

2. but THAT whereby IS,

3. is.

1. Who is the spectator in my inner theater. Such a theater is imported and subjective. Not that one (spectator) is;

2.The PURELY INTERNAL WORLD. No language can be the Root or Branch (THAT "by what or which means" IS (Reality);

3. The internal dependent upon the imported, external "theory". Not one explanatory picture fits the description of the Internal IN and of ITSELF: co-dependency to explain what "is".

This will be my understanding until further notice.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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