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The Moon has been seen by many researchers and scientists as rather an anomaly. I won't get into the long list of anomalies here as many are probably aware of many of them. A quick article on some of the anomalies of the moon can be found here:


Also there have been records from ancient history of a time in the remote past where the moon simply didn't exist:


Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) had this to say about the Moon in some of his Buddha Law excerpts:

Excerpt 1:

“Nowadays humankind considers itself to be the one and only higher life-form in the entire universe. I can tell you that in reality humankind is the single lowest life-form in the entire universe. There are living beings on every planet (in other dimensions) except the moon. The moon was constructed by a humankind in the past (humankind’s history repeats in cycles). When humankind’s karma becomes too massive, the human race is destroyed.

Then a new human race again comes into being and evolves. Later, when it becomes bad, it is again destroyed. Since I mentioned the moon, I will tell you that the moon was constructed by a prehistoric humankind in a rather distant age. It wasn’t this large back when it was first constructed, though it was brighter than it is today. Yet that alone would have seemed quite large to humankind today.

Because it’s hollow, with the passage of time it has gradually become covered with the dust that continually falls from explosions of the universe’s matter. The dust of material that’s generated from the explosions when planets are re-created has continually covered the moon; this has significantly increased the thickness of the moon’s surface. The thickness of its surface has increased to several dozen kilometers; that is the dust on it. If dozens of kilometers were subtracted it would be its original size.”

Excerpt 2:

“In the past, the situation never resembled that of today’s science. So the mankind’s of different time periods were of course developing in the ways of those times. People at one time recognized the trouble that the dark of night caused people, so they constructed a moon up there to bring light to Earth during the night.”

Excerpt 3:

"Human beings nowadays can’t build a moon and place it in the sky, yet in the history of the human race, human beings were able to do so. However, the science developed by the human race of today and the current circumstances of today are not the only path in the entire process of the human race’s development. There are various paths of development. "

Also, a Falun Dafa practitioner recalled one of his past lives in which he was one of the engineers overseeing the construction of the moon:

Recollection of a prehistoric time

I have been reincarnated for many lives. I remember that I was once
reincarnated during a prehistoric age into a highly developed technical
society. Their technology was much more advanced than ours today. Many
of the technologies we now consider impossible were common occurrences.
For example, they manufactured a moon to shine in the dark night on
earth. I was an engineer at that time and I was involved in
constructing the moon. I remember that the moon was not only hollow but
also filled with all kinds of precision control instruments and gear

The degree of precision of the machine was far ahead of our
most advanced science and technology today. These machines were able to
maintain the moon to accurately revolve around the earth. They also
used a very high-density energy source to keep the moon continuing to
encircle the earth without stopping. The frontal surface of the moon
was so polished at that time that it reflected the light at night.
There were control instruments on the backside of the moon. That was
why the frontal face is always facing the earth and we are not able to
see the backside.

Many contemporary painters and artists have created imaginary
prehistoric works. Some of them are very vivid. Actually, these works
represent the remnants of their memories from their lives then. The
human prehistoric civilization was certainly very advanced. They could
put a city in the sky. Their flying machines were not limited to
airplanes; they made gigantic ships to fly in the sky.

They used pure and high-density energy sources that didn't cause any
environmental pollution. Modern people have found only the stoneware
left over from the ancient civilizations. Therefore, people now think the
prehistoric humans only used stoneware. Since there isn't any evidence of
prehistoric people using "electricity," modern people conclude that
there wasn't any civilization in the prehistoric age. It's really a
prejudice based on contemporary science.

Some people think that the contemporary human beings are the sole
exemplars of civilization and are the most advanced people in human
history. Actually, it is exactly the opposite. Our contemporary
civilization is a base, lowly developed civilization. The prehistoric
humans valued the power of spirit. They knew that mind and matter is
one thing. They often used their power of minds to strengthen the
development of materials, unlike contemporary humans who only emphasize

For example, they purified their thoughts. When their minds became very
pure, they could strengthen certain kinds of energy. After they
assembled the moon that I talked about earlier, they installed machines
made of some kind of crystal. (Actually, it wasn't a crystal, but some
kind of pure ore instead.)

They meditated and used their thoughts to strengthen the energy level of the ore.
The moon rose into the sky and entered its orbit. Then they proceeded to
assemble and build a huge scaffold while in orbit. Numerous spaceships
shuttled back and forth. The spaceships were either for a single person or
two people.They wore light space suits and worked day and night incessantly.
They looked extremely lively.

Full article: []

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