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It all depends on what you are doing.
Sometimes, waiting for the micro oven and seeing the seconds counting down I think, what if you were going to be hanged at the count of zero? Then it would go much too fast, but waiting for a few minutes, while your TV shows something interesting, those minutes can seem very long. I could of course stay with the TV and wait for the beep, but then it is up and down, up and down. Life is hard!
No, it isn't. There are people in wheelchairs and great pain. For them time must seem long. When is the pain going away, if ever? When is somebody coming to help?
The lonely old folks, waiting for the meals on wheels people, so they can have a chat for maybe half a minute. Or all the refugees around the world. Or animals in cages.
All those poor animals, waiting for a kind human to do something. Maybe it will never happen, and they don't know anything of what is planned for them.


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