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Firstly - many thanks for putting in a title which immediately attracts interest ... and a smile!

I don't think I need to look at a link to know about the truth of how time flies when you're older!! :)

I wish I could spend more of my waking time doing more activities, and seeing new places, but that is not possible, so if I find myself with nothing to do, I do not waste any of that time fretting! I have a large window in my lounge - the width of the room, and I sit on the settee with my right side to it, so that if anything happens outside, then my peripheral visionwon't miss it! A neighbour, whom I've known for nearly 50 years, and I have gone out to coffee on a Saturday morning for quite a few years now, but now my Saturday mornings are one of those sitting looking times, as she died, quite suddenly, last month

Interestingly well, interesting to me anyway!, I am here on GH at the moment because I thought I'd just go to Inner Space and see if a lively-worded and non-pretentious topic happened to be available, and, if not, I might try and think of one.

so thanks again, Eddie


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