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I just enjoyed my album of Sarah Brightman's "Eden". In it matters of the heart are sung. One of those songs is My Heart Goes On, which was the last song of the movie Titanic. Another song on Eden is The Last Words You Said, in which the lyric was "I hear you whisper in the silence of my room".

If you ever saw the movie, The Perfect Storm, you would know that at the ending the only survivor sent a heartfelt message to his wife saying, "There is only love", and that she told a friend what her husband "said" to her.

All this reminds me of a lady I remember for always. And what is the conclusion? Near or far "We are only an ocean away":


If you love, then get the album "Eden" and remember the truth of the heart. Constancy is forever loving, and the revelation is that this is Real. The heart goes on....

Here is a Potent song by Celtic Woman:


Mind and matter are eternally the same

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