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How far can a person go to tolerate different personalities? Will they take a "hit" for the cause of not harming another? Or will they break their personal oaths to be tolerant when faced with a violent personality? I choose, despite my flaws, to have an abeyance of reactionary behavior, for my own reasons of self-respect.

I notice, clearly, that others may not hold the same principles of self-control. This is my utmost practice of behavior: tolerance. I do not expect the same behavior in others. In fact, I can only witness the violent animosity of some as a threat to my existence (like at my workplace). Everywhere I have gone has shown me the hatred toward myself, or whatever it is that engenders THEIR HOSTILITY.

I try, ever so much, to understand them (since childhood) and I can only allow their actions towards me without reaction.

This is a topic of tolerance. How do any of you deal with differences of personal principles that defy one's own principles? Is this a war-zone of non-affiliation? Or is there a hope of congeniality?

What do you say?
Here is a song about "some days":


I have had a knife to my throat twice, and once with a "show" of threat, in America. I had a man in Pakistan with a basketball-sized stone held with the intent to harm myself and my best friend at the tender age of thirteen, my friend at twelve. Self-preservation won over the situation.

Tolerance? How much should I give? I have experienced much threat to my very life. How much should I forgive?

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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