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Hi Eddie,

as usual interesting and puzzling (.. or provocations ?) question.


RWEmerson:...skip..... I am part or particle of God.
Charles Darwin : ...skip...there is more in man than the breath of his body.

At first glance it seems that are different things....... BUT .... it could be not.

If we get out of our basical religion cultures (does not matter which one, among thousands) and
we focalize and became really aware that we are part of UNIVERSE, which is composed in its MICRO
SYSTEM COMPLEX, of trilions andtrilions of trilions .... of "particles", which particles in their
MACRO SYSTEM COMPLEX show the tings we can see here on Earth and by electronic instruments in our
Solar System, in our Galaxy and the trilions of trilions of Galaxies, it can be for sure understandable
that such 2 phrases (sentences or words, have and so can lead toward the same meaning:

WE ARE PART OF UNIVERSE and then we "belongs to the Universe".

IMHO it is just a matter of fact, beyond of every human elucubration about.

Just my usual weird tough of a simple man of the country.....


You can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that you used to create it.

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