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Discovering the Mystery

Today minds are creating devices not unlike computers to be worn whereby data utilizing DNA and neurons to serve in the creation of a living device where genetic elementals can be created. Would you like a new heart? Some believe this is how life was prior to 12,900 years ago (prior to Carolina Bays Event — incoming comet) before the end of the last Ice Age when men genetically created via head mounted computers the elementals we see in Nature today. Think upon this.

Intertwined in this virtual experience is the length, width, breadth and timelessness of the greatest mystery of the universe. If we can attain an alternative experience via VR by inculcating within this rudimentary human invention, who is to say that this is not what is already happening to Godhead at this very instance. We were created in his image. Who can refute that we are all an experiment of a higher being that is currently enjoying a broadcast initiated reality via quantum particles that are electromagnetically constituted into this reality that we "think" we are experiencing right now. Hindu, the oldest religion on Earth, speaks of the One with no second, who lives through all of us in his "playing." Is God playing life through us and we just forgot that we are part of another realm where experiencing a VR is the preoccupation of timelessness?

Think of your own becoming. When you were conceived, you and your DNA program came into a body that was new and hard to maneuver in a physical state. God's VR has a learning curve. You had to get familiar with the new apparatus. REASON or mind began to learn to use the Holy Temple. When a baby first arrives on Earth he/she is mentally more a part of everything or what some call the Other or the Essence. Some say we are actually smarter at birth and just learn to be somatically stupid.

During the first few months, ego has not yet made its stand against the universe. The ego-image has not yet formed until it begins to observe itself in the eye of the other. Mirroring sets the self in a reality that is shown or received via sensors. Sensory experiences create the other for the individual. Soon you will learn to forget where you came from because of the dictates of this state. Learning to live in this physical world is our crux of become. We learn to stand upon our experiences as a cushion from the void (a place we only know of in another state). The void represents the unknown or feeling of loneliness and awe.

We feel very small against our lack of knowing. It has been posited that if we are not observed by the other, we begin to feel lonely as if we do not exist. Recognition and observation is basic to (quantum) being for all that makes up the universe. Worthiness began to set the stage for worship when mankind sought to remember his being in this physical state. Religion was once the science of that being.

Do all of our religious writings suggest that at the core of those impassioned words lies the secret and the truth of our reality? Yes. Religious traditions say that God gave us being and the Word -- REASON. Reason or mentality is our existence within the somatic-vehicular experience. Our bodies are our holy temples or means of motivation in a physical state. We should not do harm to our Holy Temples. Another point of Reason is that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This may be because we are our neighbors as a result of their input to our being. It is possible that at the end of this God projected VR, we'll learn that we did all those dirty deeds to ourselves. The above may be the Why of religion...a method to awaken to the real being involved in this life episode.

Today almost all members of our scientific community are gradually coming to realize that reality is indeed beyond our current theories and some have suggested that our environ is a God-like concept...the god of Mental Universal technology on an unbelievable scale...the quantum entity. Some say that the universe is a massive computer where numbers are the language that it creates for its virtual reality from.

When great scientists like David Bohm, Paul Davies and others marvel that mankind can even contemplate the universe, what Bohm calls the holomovement -- a realm that is a manifestation or broadcast of Being, progress in existential understanding is being made. How can mankind even think about something so magnificent as the makeup of himself and the universe? Quantification is the key here -- to assign REASON is to measure knowing in a physical state. This universe may be a combination of VR, quantum physics, nanotechnology, holography, fractal geometry, plasma physics, computational mirroring, inherent cosmological understanding and much more. The possibility that we may discover the truth of what we are, might just be found in the Virtual Reality Synergism.

Over the next few years mankind will be subjected to the possibility of universal knowing on a scale that could only be called a "revelation." Soon, humanity may learn that all those ancient words that our ancestors were in awe of, will suddenly come into a living understanding that will cause a new birth of higher knowing. This new stage will amount to a Being full of billions and billions of experiences incorporated to embark upon a new direction of increasing cognition and spirituality. Then mankind will leave this "wheel" (Earthly existence) and graduate to things that we can only dream of -- unless our dreams are the reality of this VR? To think that this could happen was once laughed at by skeptics, but they probably have not had the experience of even the current versions of Virtual Reality.


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