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I like to think of this song as the Waves of quantuum elements, which are particles or waves. Why both Realities? It is only known that when observed, the quantuum realm appears in particles, like TRAPPED ENERGY in a box. The waves occur when we observe a movement, like a wave, that comes and goes, ACCORDING to the INTEREST of the observer.

A particle comes AT YOU when it is observed in its "captured" state ( not REALLY because it keeps moving). But it IS TRAPPED in the recording device. The wave, however, is free to continue ON IT'S WAY through the recording device as a path ACROSS the device laterally (horizontally from left to right or right to left).

The waves are FAR MORE interesting and meaningful, since they ARE GOING somewhere?!!

Here is a song to relate to:


Here are the lyrics:


Here are the lyrics on the Internet:

Waves []

This is poetic, yet the psychedelic refrain is quite possibly an insight of physics. The waves of the magnificent oceans is relative to the message of the quantuum realm. Where are the waves GOING? WHERE do they come from? Most importantly, what is the wave's message to us? Are we also Waves of consciousness, moving from here to there? What motivates us TO MOVE ANYWHERE? Are we not also Waves of thought and perception? Are we not effective upon the quantuum realm to see ourselves as waves of influence and consideration? Our influence is a social wave. Our consideration is a particle of Knowing something REAL.

I love the quantuum realm because our relationship is INTIMATE and EXISTENTIAL. Psychedelic news has been around since the 1960's. Who is to say that the Hippies were not INTUITIVE? The music and the movement changed everything by inference and deliberation. The news was that WE BELONG to the Universe and that our essence is gauranteed as a manifestation of our CONSCIOUSNESS; the same consciousness that affects the quantuum realm. WE BELONG HERE!!!

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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