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I was just lying in my bed, presumably for the evening. I was considering the VALUE of personality. I was thinking about a vision I had as a child: I was faced with a chasm below me; a shining man floating just in front of me beckoned me to come forward, over the chasm and toward the floating man. I was a child, simple and before my personality formed in my adolescent pre-teen years. I gladly plunged forward to meet the floating man. That was all there was.

Today, it is obvious to me what it implied. It was about my development of a personality. I am CONVINCED that personality is built upon treacherous foundations. It is not my true PERSON, or IDENTITY. The implication of a personality is SHALLOW and incomplete, for one reason: it has NO COURAGE TO VENTURE beyond the LIMITS of a self-originated personality.

Now, the old nursery rhyme of The old woman in the shoe with dozens of children came to mind. This woman is VERY POOR, like a personality that presumes to care for many children. What could possibly be valuable of that old (useless) woman to "supposedly" care for so many dependents? She has little food, poor housing, not enough intimate attention to each child, and worst of all, she is OLD: an indication that her lifespan is insufficient to care for very young people, who will not be cared for when she passes away to nowhere land when she dies. They will be left abandoned.

This IS THE PERSONALITY that each of us fosters with such zeal and minute attention. Yet, it is the innermost being that must be attended to. The heart of a person is the real identity of each person.

My heart brought this to my attention, so I got up out my bed and am now conveying the extract of BEING as the secondary, even expendable, personality. Yes, the personality is invented by our misinformed and misapplied efforts to become "someone", usually to support a social conditioning put upon one at an early and continuous growth pattern of family and society.

Consider this imprint. I am over sixty, and am now confronted with this conjecture. Should I stay "SAFE" on the precipice, or leap over into the true nature of my being?

I would love some uncanny feedback, including humor if need be.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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