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"...and if the band your in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon"

Words written, by roger waters, almost fifty years ago, from the album "dark side of the moon" by pink Floyd,
As one of the biggest selling albums ever, it does resonate with a lot of souls,
Lyrically the album is about going mad due to the pressures of modern life,
And tho its almost fifty years old, I think its spot on for right now,

I believe we are all going mad,
Depression and suicide are, I think, becoming more, talked about,
but never what might be causing it,
I think its modern life, or modern society,
i think that's driving depression and suicide rates up,
Its like, we as a race, we are spiraling out of control, into madness,

Sure, there are reasons to be cheerful(123), but there is something that's gone wrong somewhere,
Is it the materialistic, consuming modern life we lead?,
If its all chance and opportunity, and doesn't really matter in the end either way,
Does it inevitably lead to a nihilistic, destructive outlook?

I think so, and I think we, as a race, are on that path now,
I think the growing trend of depression and suicide are symptoms of the modern epidemic,
Its the modern way of living life,
If your lucky enough to live in a relatively stable region,
the constant grind of work, bills, distraction and death,
Its no wonder people choose the "the cowards way out" into the big oblivion,
But there must be more to life than a stable economy,
And I know you can't stop progress, but, I do think we took a wrong turn, somewhere,

Any thoughts?...

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