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Eddie Larry Wrote:
> .......skip......
> There a mathematics to happiness? Dr. Tim
> provides the following equation:
> Happiness =
> What we Have
> ———————
> What we Want
> Tim says “Mathematically speaking, we can modify
> our happiness in one of two ways, by increasing
> the numerator (What We Have) or by decreasing the
> denominator (What we Want.)

Interesting post Eddie and also a puzzeling one...... but.... IMHO the questione is a bit more complicate
because it deals with "material things" and not with the true essence of Human Beings.

Your post recall to me a book I read on 1976, written by Erich Fromm: TO HAVE OR TO BE?

To Have or to Be? is a 1976 book by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, in which he differentiates between having and being.
Fromm writes that modern society has become materialistic and prefers "having" to "being". He mentions the
great promise of unlimited happiness, freedom, material abundance, and domination of nature. These hopes
reached their highs when the industrial age began.
Society nowadays has completely deviated from its actual path. The materialistic nature of people of "having"
has been more developed than "being". Modern industrialization has made great promises, but all these
promises are developed to fulfill their interests and increase their possessions. In every mode of life,
people should ponder more on "being" nature and not towards the "having" nature. This is the truth which
people deny and thus people of the modern world have completely lost their inner selves. The point of being
is more important as everyone is mortal, and thus having of possessions will become useless after their
death, because the possessions which are transferred to the life after death, will be what the person
actually was inside.
from: []

More about Erich Fromm here: []

Such book, To have of To be?, changed a bit my way to understand the life and helped me to find a sort of
"Equilibrium" in all my way of life: To be at first place, to do at second place, to have at third place.
I have never been envious of what others had.
I always tried to seriously understand who I was, traying as much as possible TO BE at first.

Just to put my 5 penny on your interesting post.



You can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that you used to create it.

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