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Today, right now, is the Winter soltice with a full moon (time) and on Earth (space) (Eastern Standard Time).

Are we time-slaves; or, are we " anytime, anywhere" masters?

Do we live in the dirt, like so many plants, or are we the pinnacle of mastery over time and space? Are we doomed to repeat the endless cycles of Time that "govern" our lives and thoughts? Or, have we broken those chains of the hour and the day?

Let's face it, we compromise our inner beingness to constraints of the clock. We are more than mechanistic objects of predictable thoughts and actions. We are truly free to act and know any and all freedoms of beingness. We are the pinnacle of all thought and behavior, by our very own nature and instinct. We are so bidden to explore timelessness and to explain our true mental whereabouts in any possible conception of any verifiable inspiration spawned within us. Who can denounce what cannot be withheld? Who can deny our ancient and future prevalence in the extrapolation of Real Mind? Why would anyone succumb to limitation and ignorance? We are born free and thus, so is our extreme mental exuberance of far-reaching and refined expositions of Anytime and Anywhere that can be uncovered and discovered by any means that produces the finer results of experiential living.

Start here in the material universe and combine your assets of directive escalations into finer and fuller expressions of Real Mind. There is nothing to lose except those chains of dictated hours and days that only count the physical reality of birth, life and death. Such limitations are detrimental to any growth and expansion of Real Thought in Anywhere and Real Senses of Anytime; past, present and future!!!!

I do not need to say more. You already Know the story, many times over!!!! Remember the ancient stories, and recall the promises of greater futures.


(My favorite Diva).

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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