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Hot topic!!!

As for methodology in art; it usually is a teacher/student relationship. All arts could be classified as apprenticeships. It is the choices made between teacher and student that clarifies the mental inspiration for any project.

As for the example you gave above, I suspect that because the speed of light is fixed it is because the "Domain" in which it operates, the physical universe, makes it suspiciously ordered like an Order of Nature; something controlled as if the stable nature of light is "intentially" placed in our Reality.

Another suspicion I have is about entanglement at far distances as another fixed effect that never veers from it's purpose, as though it's behavior is "intentional". It is my suspicion that Mind is cautious to let the cat out of the bag gradually, not all at once.

This means two things:
1. Either the universe is playing a game of hide and seek, meaning that the things we discover about physics is gradual yet consistent. These physical "riddles" in nature are exasperating and some are leaving the science for a philosophical explanation. It is now more of an art than any experiment applied so far.

2. The so called "intention" of these findings infers a methodology of sorts. "Today you learn This, tomorrow you learn That". It sounds like an apprenticeship of physics intentially ordered by the, as yet, undiscovered "rules" of Nature. Gradually and "methodically" Nature is revealing itself to the earnest seeker of Nature's secrets.

I wonder what new thing will be discovered?

And please don't nitpick my choice of words!! I do have "some" idea of the situation in these particular anomalies as being "Suggestive" of a Higher Order in Nature. Mind, as the bartering entity of any search in this complex universe, will have to be given a percentage of credibility in the pursuit of all physical phenomena. That is all that is left to explore in the science of experimentation and theory. As long as there are humans doing the tests, there will always be a mind-factor involved, throughout the discoveries of matter and time. We humans are the platform upon all inquiries of Nature. We must be included into every equation as the "mover and shaker" of all our discoveries. It is our lot to come to realize that every search includes a mental schematic whereby our awareness is crucially entwined into every New discovery of physical manifestation. We ARE HERE TO LEARN EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW, and we cannot exclude our intimate participation in every test of material phenomena. We humans are the whole structure of our ultimate discoveries of Reality.

I said my peace.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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