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Here is a quote from Andre Berthiaume:

"We all wear masks and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin".

Radical!!! This is why it is PAINFUL to remove a mask; it hurts to be vulnerable and receptive to other peoples versions of consciousness. It can be the most infuriating business to attend to..I ask questions because my mask is about being receptive to different ideas of PERSONALITY..I marvel at the solid convictions that some people would rather die than admit their "hard work" to APPEAR superior to other folks. Why superior? Why must some DICTATE their version of Reality? Why do they , not only contradict their own agenda by "enforcing" their personal conditions of a "solid" belief in their own ideology, but actually EXPECT OTHERS TO BELIEVE THEM?

Does this sound like myself? Of course!!!

My mask is gullibility and interest in the human factor of mind and conditions of reason wrought by some folks as the ONLY TRUTH there is. Really? Does a personal "epistemology" rule over the rest of the world? I think not.

I actually think that anything personal is to be considered as TEMPORARY and subject to revision, EVERY DAY!!! I cannot learn UNLESS I APPLY myself to reasonable conjectures by others. That's right; I said conjectures, not invincible "facts" that cannot be revised by new conditions of thought.

On this Forum, there are entries that BEG TO BE CONFRONTED by those who are settled in their thoughts, no matter what their personal mask may be. A mask is a condition that never goes into reverse; a condition that NEVER REFLECTS upon the previous thoughts of epistemology. The forward motion of mind is thwarted by a constriction of free flowing ideologies that may actually, if allowed, to experience a NEW PERSPECTIVE of this reality. The choice to adventure into new lines of thought are INVALUABLE to anyone who conspires to KNOW WHAT PREVIOUSLY WAS NOT KNOWN BEFORE.

I still acquire new constructs of thought, as I continue to move forward into the realm of possibilities. I cannot wait for others to align with my epistomology. I must continue to advance forward toward a reasonable "adventure" of reality.

A human that restricts that FLOW is in a fast-moving mental river that could swallow up the adventurer's life if given over to static constraints of mind and vital experiences. I must continue, no matter WHAT obstacles present themselves to me. I am just a lifelong traveller in this World. I must know what is around the corner. I will not let complacency rule over my lively thoughts.

Perhaps my mask is the FOOL, or the TRICKSTER of mythology. Even so, it will be a new day that confronts me. Such a day is my heart's desire, for I am not finished by any measure. I cannot afford to stagnate and belittle any course of intuition; yours, or mine, is fuel for the journey. I thankyou for your mental "property rights". They help me to pursue the fullness of mind and life. Anything LESS is unsatisfactory.

The OP is about the personal constraints that some use to not move forward. I cannot wait for approval or disapproval from anyone. That includes family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, "teachers", opponents, and the man or woman on the street. My job is my absolute responsibility to acquire information and constitute an epistomology of my own, just like anyone else in this World.

Your way is not mine, my way is not yours. Yet, the Journey is absolute and confirmed by it's appelations of knowledge. That is the whole structure of living. I acknowledge other peoples confirmation of life duties. That is the singular tree in the forest of ideologies. So, I move on.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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