Re: The Inevitable Crisis to Come
Author: greengirl5 ()
Date: December 16, 2018 02:55AM

I have just this moment sent money for rescue for elephants. Before that for bears, donkeys, birds and general help for animals. They need all they can get.
Many humans are monsters.


Itatw70s Wrote:
> I have no problem toward any expression of
> idealism, positive or otherwise. It is a poem of
> despair; should we not despair how the human being
> has overtaken the planet? I see many instances of
> population increase. I have lived my life in my
> present area since 1974, except for one year up
> north and 8 months in another part of the state
> where I live. Progress is a human word. Ask all of
> the animals and the trees whether they thought
> progress of humanity was a positive dispensation
> of territorialism? Where are the thriving
> creatures? I suppose most of them lay on the roads
> dead.
> Is it too much to ask: where does the natural
> realm run to hide from humankind? Into the roads,
> I suspect. And there they lay, bound forever in
> this human world of progress!!
> I don't believe that some folk actually care about
> the lives of nature, as long as money keeps coming
> in to satiate their need for more money. No animal
> in the wild gets a hearing from humankind. There
> is very few advocates that notice the death toll
> of innocent creatures that we are responsible to
> care for.
> Oh well, I said my peace.

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