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Susan stated
There are a couple of posters elsewhere who consistently claim that scientists know nothing about consciousness.

Hi Susan, when people, scientists or the woman in the street, say this, I take it to mean that they are saying that they don't know 'absolutely' what consciousness is. They certainly know some of the workings of consciousness, there is tons of philosophical and scientific writing on how it works.

Since Einstein's Theory of Relativity, the perspective has changed. We don't think that our knowledge is absolute knowledge, there is only knowledge relative to observers. This is a big change that the absolutists still haven't adjusted to.

Think if I said, "Susan I know everything about you. I've got your number!" You would probably say, "Hey Eddie, no you don't. You've never met me, all you know is from our discussions on GHMB!"

This is the proper view today. Everything is relative, even our understanding of our own consciousness!

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