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. . . Fine by me, so long as it doesn't get shoe-horned into what I call - that lengthy, linear, and imprecise language-conundrum. . . It is there where it becomes the stuff of great debates and definitions by any and all who have the power of speech to participate. . . Sometimes to the point of becoming noisy and nasty by those who think they know your own perceptions of presence better than yourself. . . Never mind whether they're the masters of that native tongue in use (I know I ain't, heh). . . One could liken that presumption by others to that "third-rail" of unwelcomed imposition and confrontation best given a wide berth. . .

. . . History is pock-marked with those tyrannical-controlling wan-a-bees. . . They've been fruitful and multiplied since one's youthful years of initiation and awakening. . . To adopt a metaphor of sorts, one's ears are still burning yet well intact and functional, for now, as a reminder that there are still those who would have things their way and only their way forward believing that their goal as the only measure of all things. . .

. . . One maintains that each individual has the capacity to exceed their birthright while evaluating guidance along that journey. . . Thanks for your point of view from academia. . .

"Mind like parachute, must be open to function." ~ Charlie Chan - Famous Chinese detective character

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