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Great insight Eddie. Yes, mind is entangled with substantial reality. How can anyone really attempt to separate the truth of that fact.

All five of the conditions that I introduced flow seamlessly on a continuosly moving stream in the present moment. Thus, memories and expectations conmingle with the current AWARENESS of all of our senses. How can this be? How, indeed, can anyone measure the measuring capacity of our brain? We move, we think, and we conceive all of our decisions of sensibility. The hard problem is essentially a question of HOW and WHY we clarify all of our abilities of conscious awareness.

We must still study the brain. We must still conjecture our anticipations wrought in our continuity of consciousness. These two are essential to know ourselves better. I can only surmise the details of continous mental actions. Beyond that is the very drive TO BE, in all of our components in the mind/body. This is why I have searched myself for some kind of inspiration to understand this phenomena in our consciousness.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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