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Definately you are on the right track. I compiled this after some research to indicate the dilemma of deciding what consciousness is. There is alot of opinions scientifically and otherwise. The Eastern mind has their formula of mind.

So far, as I have been reading it, The Path of the Masters instructs anyone interested in full knowledge of the mind, should accept training in the enlightenment by a living master. There are several dozen masters listed in the book at different locations. Laura, a woman I've talked to, informed me that a group of Sat Nam masters are in my town at a weekly meeting on Sundays.

I have told her that I must finish the book before I make any decision. The book is on Amazon, in hardcover.

As for me, I keep at it. I strive to know the very essence of consciousness, as well as the entrails of it. That means the origin and demise of it. By demise, I mean the larger view of it's whole cycle of existence.

If there is an eternity, then I am investigating that also. I don't actually know other viewpoints all that well, but I do look into that for my own research of the mind. It is a lifelong ambition. Maybe the story never ends. That also is news to me.

Where I am psychologically right now, is in a maze of differing concepts of consciousness. As I learned in 12-Step lingo, "more will be revealed".

I read a book called, Eternal Security by Charles Stanley; an old book by now.

Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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