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From several sources:


"Consciousness is what makes the mind/body problem really intractable; the hard problem of consciousness". (Thomas Nagel).

"To be conscious is for there to be something it is like to be you".

"What do we get if we propose that consciousness is an emergent phenomenon?
First, we're proposing that it's genuinely new. Something at one level that doesn't appear at a lower level. And, second, if its emergent, it has to be produced entirely by the operations of things in a lower level. How can consciousness be produced entirely by that lower level? That's the hard problem all over again".
"It's the non-algorithmic processing that's the mark of consciousness".
"Consciousness should be recognized (like quantum mechanics) as a fundamental aspect of the Universe. We should take (subjective) experience itself as a fundamental feature of the Universe alongside mass, charge and spacetime". (Galen Strawson).
"Existence of every...concrete thing involves experiential being (panpsychism). The stuff of the world is mindstuff".

Dictionary: "A state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings; the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world".

The Power of Awareness (Neville):
"It is only by a change of consciousness, by actually changing your concept of yourself that you can 'build more stately mansions'--the manifestation of higher and higher concepts".

"Consciousness is the one and only reality; it is the first and only cause--substance of the phenomena of life. Nothing has existence for man save through the consciousness he has of it. Therefore, it is to consciousness you must turn, for it is the only foundation on which the phenomena of life can be explained"..."If your consciousness is the only reality, it must also be the only substance...You and your environment cannot be regarded as existing separately. You and your world are One".
"There is only one principle at work, only your consciousness operating".
"The basic nature of the primal cause is consciousness...The ultimate substance of all things is consciousness".

Now, we humans try diligently to explain consciousness in words that only symbolize the very actions and stature of consciousness. We fail, miserably, to elucidate the very fact of consciousness. I would say , explicitly, that our dependence upon words is a liability of, what otherwise, is of actual proof of the very notions that we use to describe consciousness. Our notions are meaningless, yet, while consciousness moves on and we miss the train of awareness, is that very attempt to use words to provide the, supposedly, utmost description of the actual current functions of the now past notions of consciousness.

We experience , "the fact or process of being so affected"; our thoughts, that is. Every projection of reality, both the substantial forms of reality as shown by the light of the sun and other sources of light upon matter.

The most important factors of five conditions are conveyed by these functions of the mind:
1. Projection
2. Reception
3. Perception
4. Admission
5. Coalition

The two current theories of consciousness are
the Integrated Information Theory; and the Global Workspace Theory.
(See link below).

To take the current theories and combine them with my own observations, we have:
1. Physical processes--"The quality of an organism's consciousness is represented by the level of integration": whether something is conscious; and to what degree it is conscious.
2. Memory bank--"The brain draws information to form the experience of conscious awareness": the physical, social, cultural and psychlogical influences that contribute to our conscious awareness.
3. A. Projection--light makes substance viable, not only by visible light, but by every other sensory input transmitted to our awareness.
B. Reception--The complete whole and total amounts of the sensory applications of the mind/body apparatus. No consciousness can exist without receptors of both inner and outer facets of reality.
C. Perception--this includes both an integral information bank and its formation within the physical processes. Information is perceived, or, realized as a mental fabrication of information by the physical processes of the whole mind/body experiences.
D. Admission--the perception, thus realized is integrated into the memory and the basic response to that perception upon our conscious acceptance. It becomes the necessary information that alludes to the reality from that response. It stays within the memory. This, then, is an admissable reality.
E. Coalition--this is, of course, the shared understandings within a cultural medium. Once an idea of any subjective awareness is integrated into one individual mind, and thus scrutinized by others and, thus shared, inculcates the individual experiences into a social stream of conceptions. It, the realized experience, is admitted by society throughout the constitution of that social environment. It, thus, becomes an allowed state of consciousness.

I'm adding this link to finish this treatise.


Uncreated and Uncreatable...
Which neither space nor time touches.

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