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Hi, Gerda and Eddie.

I might as well discuss my mother's side of the family, in order to attempt an understanding of how I got the schizophrenia gene. Both of my grandparents were blue-eyed Germans. My grandfather was killed young in his life messing around with the wrong crowd. That is as much as I will discuss here. He had five children, three older boys and two younger daughters. The oldest boy became the man of the house. The third boy had schizophrenia. Both my mother and her younger sister had started smoking, but my mother quit and never smoked again, before her first child, my older, brown-eyed sister; then my older brother, also brown-eyed. In fact, only my second oldest sister had blue eyes. My third born brother is brown eyed.

A very interesting pattern happened to my blue eyed sister; she also quit smoking in her early 20's, just like my mom. She also facially looked like my grandmother in her senior years. I said so, but she did not like the remark. I told her that she had our grandmother's features.

Anyways, I suspect that schizophrenia came from my grandfather, though I doubt he had the symptoms, yet, he was running with the wrong crowd that got him killed. That would at least say that his judgement was irresponsible, or at least he was not as smart in social skills. I most certainly made worse decisions than my disabled uncle.

Another thing, my older sister smoked her whole life, as I still do. The same trait existed in my aunt's life, but she quit 5 years before she passed on. Another grandmother on my fathers side was also a smoker. I used to steal her cigarettes before I was found out by my parents, who actually were willing to buy them for me, at least for awhile.

That's all I can tell you. Family history was something my second blue-eyed sister was doing before she got cancer in the brain. She was an airline pilot and I do personally know that electromagnetic energies may have caused the initial tumor. I read a book on those traits of discordant energy wavelengths in which a cockpit must have wreaked havoc on her brain.

Alas, that's enough. This was only a discussion of genetic traits that manifested in my family. Not that I liked sharing the worst patterns, but the truth is relative to life patterns within families. As for my opinion of my family, they are good people altogether.

Thanks for letting me share.

Mind and matter are eternally the same

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