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First I sowed some parent peas from a packet, then watered them.
Soon they put small roots down, at the same time putting sprouts up in the air.
Then came the lush green leaves and the thin strings to twine around the stakes and trellis I had put for them, so the wind won't be too bad.
Next thing to arrive are the flowers. These will after some sunshine turn themselves into tasty peas, in long rows in protective pods. Full circle.

So smart.

My digestion system is also incredibly smart, but does not look as good as the garden peas.
My heart has been beating the same rhythm for over 86 years. Maybe it was a bit different when I was a baby. Never mind.

All these intelligent systems from atoms to cells to green peas to galaxies, where did they learn to be different, and why do they bother?

Aha, evolution. Clever evolution. Where did evolution learn it all, and why keep going?


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