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Itatw70s Wrote:
> Isn't a hologram a three-dimensional camera? It
> "contains" the 3-D image just as surely a camera
> "contains" a two-dimensional image. Again, my
> conjecture for some reason is not logically
> realized. I use analogy rather than those
> computation mathematics because I have never been
> trained in that form of knowledge. I try to use a
> mythological format to extend my
> thought-experiment.
> How shall I strive to exemplify my conjecture?
> 1. A camera (or hologram) image is the RESULT OF
> the light provides generously to the collector of
> that DEVICE. That collection could be ANYTHING
> I gave a Hubble imagery earlier in this thread. It
> is not, in my opinion, complete. Whoever scanned
> the heavens did not take it to the utmost extent
> (at least on the link I gave).
> 2. A fair capacity of a camera (hologram) is that
> it collects EXACTLY WHAT IT IS AIMED AT. It IS a
> kind of Quantum register of "spooky" things at ANY
> IMAGE that is visible to the plate, or pixels,
> that inherit those "sights" collected on the
> register.
> Agreed?

Ray: Not quite.


How is a hologram different from a photograph?
A photograph can be recorded using normal light sources (sunlight or electric lighting) whereas a laser is required to record a hologram. A lens is required in photography to record the image, whereas in holography, the light from the object is scattered directly onto the recording medium.


How is a hologram different from a photograph?
1. In photography, only intensity is recorded so photography produces two dimensional picture of the object whereas in holography, both intensity as well as phase of light wave is recorded, thus holography gives three dimensional picture of the object. 2. ... The hologram is negative and image it gives is positive.

> 3. This is the crux of my intuition. HOW CAN A
> image, that also is now contained upon a film or
> pixel format (or hologram) and not induce a mental
> reaction by it's process, as well as by the
> viewer, and no ULTIMATE CHANGE occur in the image
> viewed? What I'm saying, I think for the first
> time, is that the user of that machine, has a
> Quantum effect also upon the collected image? Is
> it possible that, because a human uses the Hubble
> telescope, is there NOT an affectation toward the
> image(s) viewed?

Ray: I think you're trying to imply entanglement--but I don't think you're right.
> I guess that this attempt of mine to express a
> thought of INFLUENTIAL ACTIVITY at every level of
> observation, as well as through our machines that
> amplify our FIELD OF OBSERVATION, would be
> interactive at the macro level, and attractive at
> the micro level. Is this not the emphasis I am
> trying to convey? All possible avenues are
> intertwined with consciousness, whether we
> understand it or not. How else would our species
> have learned about our presence upon our
> environment without the subjective intuition to
> explore and to manipulate our environment? We have
> an unmistakable influence whether we realize the
> effects or not. It is NOT JUST ABOUT INTELLECT,
> but about REFLEX; our unique ability to realize
> that we matter as much as our environment matters.
> It is the greatest symbiosis that has ever come
> upon our intellect. Now, it is a fair request to
> ingrain our intuition into the very fabric of
> existence.

Ray: Our entire biological essence may well be intertwined with the entire universe, but that needs a great deal of elaboration--and it's not quantum theory.

> For example, I retrieve auto parts from the
> shelves in our warehouse. Why is it, both to your
> mind and my mind, that 90% of the time I stop and
> look around, and the part is right in front of my
> eyes. It is spooky, yet my intellect tells me that
> "I intimately know where all of the parts are from
> being here for fifteen years". Is it intellect, or
> intuition? You decide which is real.

Ray: I agree. These experiences are very hard to explain by simplistic memories and associations.

> Post complete.

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